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Đáp án/transcript: Part 2 Thoát

Cam IELTS 10 speaking test 2

Bộ đề thi: IELTS Cam 10 Full Test 2


  • What types of music do you like to listen to? [Why?]
  • At what times of day do you like to listen to music? [Why?]
  • Did you learn to play a musical instrument when you were a child? [Why/Why not?]
  • Do you think all children should learn to play a musical instrument? [Why/why not?]

Describe a shop near where you live that you sometimes use.

You should say:

  • what sorts of product or service it sells
  • what the shop looks like
  • where it is located

and explain why you use this shop.


Local business

  • What types of local business are there in your neighbourhood? Are there any restaurants, shops, or dentists for example?
  • Do you think local businesses are important for a neighborhood? In what way?
  • How do large shopping malls and commercial centres affect small local businesses? Why do you think that is?

People and business

  • Why do some people want to start their own business?
  • Are there any disadvantages to running a business? Which is the most serious?
  • What are the most important qualities that a good business person needs? Why is that?
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