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Why Trinity College?

My search for the perfect college was no easy one. In the middle of thousands of college doors opening in front of my eyes, each with a different offer for education and environment, I felt like a lost adventurer, desperate to seek the perfect door that will welcome me with open arms for the most important four years of my life. And then came “New England’s Rising Star” to shed light on my journey. Trinity was special from the very first time I came across it – the beautiful campus simply took my breath away, the academic opportunities were incredibly motivating, and I could feel the warmth of the student body embracing me with friendliness and enthusiasm. The search was over – Trinity College was my place to be.

The first moment I saw Trinity in the college brochure, my intuition immediately told me that it was "the one". Trinity has the most beautiful campus that I have ever seen. The breath-taking Gothic-style Long Walk, the alluring Quad that blossoms with colors every fall and spring, the college's gorgeous distinctive Chapel, everything about Trinity makes my heart flutter with the inexplicable feeling of intimacy. Even though I am an international student and have never had a chance to visit the campus, my mind keeps replaying the images of myself sitting under a tree in the beautiful Quad, breathing the air of tradition of the Long Walk, chatting with my friends from all over the world, discussing an argumentative assignment in the first-year seminar class, or just silently watching the leaves changing colors with a cup of cappuccino and my favorite novel in my hands. Those pictures are so vivid that I cannot imagine myself doing so anywhere else but at Trinity College.

Of course, the reasons why I yearn to go to Trinity are not limited to its captivating campus.  I know that Trinity’s academic qualities are undisputed: the small-sized, discussion oriented classes, along with life-long relationships with professors and internship opportunities promise top-class studying. With the first-year seminars that are specially dedicated for first-year students to enhance the essential skills of reading, writing and making arguments, as well as the comprehensive advising program, I know that I will be well-equipped for any path I choose. But which path should I choose? That is a totally different question. While my initial interest in helping the community and past experiences of working with unfortunate children make me extremely passionate about majoring in Sociology, so that I will be able to travel around the world and do community work after college, sometimes the thought of being confined to one place to have more room for conscious thinking and precise judgement in Economics also strangely appeals to me. Out of over 900 courses and 38 majors that Trinity offers, there are so many courses I want to take and so much knowledge I want to pursue: from SOCL 260, in which I can explore the sociological view of sexual diversity, to ECON 811, which will provide me with a deeper understanding of how money constructs the society, as well as many other exciting courses that will expose me to a lot of different fields of knowledge I have never known. And to my bewilderment, Trinity came to be the answer once again with its academic advising program. I am amazed to find out that throughout my first year, there will be plenty of knowledgeable and experienced people willing to assist, support and give me valuable advice: my first-year seminar adviser, my mentor, and also the Registrar's Office. It seems to me that all of the faculty is always there to help me with the most important move of my life, and give me the full encouragement I need to overcome any hardship I will encounter when I am half the world away from home, to find my dream and to pursue my passion. The focus that Trinity puts on every individual is incredible, as it is very rare to find among countless other colleges. And I believe that after college, I will step out to the world with utmost confidence, because I know that with Trinity, I have made the best decision for my future to prosper.

As an international student, I look for a college that will provide me with a community that will embrace me for who I am. And Trinity is one of the very few colleges that showed me that I will not stand alone. I have heard numerous Trinity students talking about how friendly and caring their advisers are: how they try their best to make international students feel immediately at home, how they take their students out for an informal lunch, or how they become the best confidants when their students feel homesick. And it seems that the entire student body will join in helping me fit in, regardless of any differences we have. I know that spending time in one of the most friendly and diverse colleges in the region will be full of unforgettable experiences. The images of Trinity students of all skin colors smiling happily together on campus, of the principle hosting games and having colloquial chats with students, or of the hugs of students and professors on Commencement Day, make me immensely feel Trinity is where I want to belong, so I can make the best of myself for the next four years.

Immersed in such a challenging but exceptionally active and friendly environment, I am not surprised to find out that Trinity students take part in over 100 clubs and organizations, many of which I long to join. With my experience in climbing mountains for various times in Vietnam, I cannot wait to leave my footprints on the Connecticut mountains with the Outdoors Club. I will definitely sign up for the annual Do It Day, giving my hands and heart to help make Hartford become a much better city. And certainly I will try my best to introduce the originality of the traditions and culture of my country Vietnam to my friends from all around the world, showing them the elegant beauty of Vietnamese traditional costume "ao dai", serving them the unforgettable taste of the signature dish "Pho", and giving them the most memorable experience dancing to the traditional Bamboo Dance. The opportunities at Trinity are endless, as I am really eager to be in this active community, and to contribute my part to make it an even more diverse place.

I have embraced myself for a totally different life, different mind and different perspective, because I am ready for the most memorable four years of my life at Trinity. There is no doubt in my mind when I say that everything about Trinity captivated my heart and soul, as those words come deep down from my heart, and I cannot wait to kindle my thirst for knowledge, pursue my dreams and share my passions with all other proud Bantams. So if there is one day I am lucky enough to stand in the roaring crowd of a Bantams soccer match, while wearing a golden-blue hoodie with a huge "T" at the front, I will know that I have taken the best step of my life, because there is nowhere else I would rather expand all of my boundaries to study, make friends and grow than at Trinity College.