How do you compose a song without Do-Re-Mi? I use these seven letters...

Blue Bus: In the Blue Bus that connects the Stokes Hall in Haverford to Pembroke Arch in Bryn Mawr, I will make new friends, take new courses, access to the doubled facilities, grab the doubled opportunities for intellectual exploration and be opened up to a world that is Beyond Bryn Mawr.

Roses and Bread: Yes, it is bread we fight for -- but we fight for roses, too!  The Bryn Mawr experience means letting myself be inspired and driven in a community of women coming from all walks of lives with one shared dream: Women Empowerment.

Nairobi Exchange Program: The program evokes my curiosity as I keep asking “How can a Vietnamese girl possibly leave her own mark in the faraway African?” It is not only me who can learn from the fascinating experiences there. Confidently, my presence will help build the bridge from Nairobi University in Kenya, to Bryn Mawr in the USA and back to the universities Vietnam, so that the African cultures can inspire Vietnamese students just the way we will add our own ethnical perspectives to the African lives.

Multicultural Identity: Anyone wonders what’s going on at the Vietnamese Cultural Club? I’m eager to make the place not only a club for Vietnamese students, but a club for anyone who is interested in the delicious Pho, attracted to our unique traditional Monochord music and have fallen in love with the graceful Ao Dai.

Academic Excellence: It’s hard to believe the way Bryn Mawr has changed the intellectual lives of so many students. Both Amanda Preston ‘09, who teaches Dance for the Disadvantaged, and Annalisa Crannell '87, who changed her intended majority from foreign languages to Mathematics, were inspired to do things they never imagined they could handle. Coming to college with an open mind, I am ready to take the challenge of breaking free from the borders of my abilities and welcoming possibilities.

Weirdness. Hien Nga ’12 once wrote of Bryn Mawr as a place where one can wear pajamas to class, donkey-ears headband and butterfly wings any day in the year that is not Halloween. I aspire to be in a place where people do not judge me based on how I look and what I do but who I really am.

Residence Halls. It’s in Rockefeller where I can design my own living space in harmony with the traditional fireplaces and leaded glass. It’s in the “diamonds” Erdman and it’s also in the traditional Radnor; wherever I live, Bryn Mawr will give me the chance to add a small corner called “Me” in a much bigger Bryn Mawr College life.

Oops!!!! It seems that something is missing here...

Yes, it’s me! By a simple Yes, Bryn Mawr can welcome and allow a single note like me to make a difference to its Anassa Kata.