Đề bài: 

In English, describe your educational interests and goals and what your plans are for when you return to your home country. Please include an explanation of why you would like to study the major you have selected.

Have you ever imagined how children living in a capital of a country can survive with two 0.3‐cent‐meals a day? That unbelievable fact is happening in Ha Noi, Viet Nam right at the moment. I live in a developing country where social welfare has never been good enough to provide free, decent meals for homeless or disabled people. Viet Nam's government has launched many new policies, both politically and financially, to try to encounter those problems but it seems those are not enough. In cities, there are still many children who can't go to school and have to work just for those starving meals. To me, wisdom goes with responsibility. I believe that the solution to those problems, the responsibility lies within the hands of people similar to me, those who possess and keep seeking wisdom. In my opinion, this economics system needs some experts to find its problems' actual cause and fix it properly. That's why I want to learn about economics and business.

As I grow up, I realize that one man cannot change the whole economic system by himself. Nevertheless, a successful businessman is capable of exerting his influence upon part of the economy and helping less fortunate people. The University of Minnesota, particularly the Carlson School of Management, is a high‐ranking school in business, where I can learn and contribute to my community later. Thus, I find it more practical to major in business at U Minn. Besides, I have understood that human resource plays a vital role in the economy. In Vietnamese secondary schools, many of our students excel in their study and achieve accomplishments in theoretical fields. However, a lot of them fail when it comes to the real work and cannot cooperate with each other very well.

On the contrary, in the U.S., it is not uncommon to see groups of undergraduate or even high school students introducing some small but creative inventions. Therefore, I want to receive an education from American perspective and to bring this perspective back to Viet Nam. Ever since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated by the art of handling human relationships. I love to communicate, to befriend new people. In fact, I remember the names of almost all of the people I have ever encountered. As a curious kid, I put questions about all phenomena in life to everyone, thus bolstering my ability to61 communicate. Through constant interpersonal experiences, I understand that, in every matter, if I take one step back and review everything from both an emic and etic perspective, I would be able to see the big picture in its entirety. In consequence, it is my strongest wish to develop my strength while pursuing my dream of becoming an entrepreneur: Studying human resources in business context.

Since I decided to apply to U.S colleges, I have been doing sketches on my "what‐to‐do" plan when I have finished my education in the States. When I come back to Viet Nam, much as I enjoy setting up my own business, I would first prefer to join a giant in the economy, a prestigious company such as FPT, a famous computer software corporation in Viet Nam. Many of my mother's friends are working at FPT and they are all very successful in their fields. Consequently, I could make use of that chance to learn from them, from their experiences, to create more connections with the economy's major individuals and to learn how businesses work in Vietnamese economic environment. In addition, while being employed by the big company, I would take advantage of the acquaintances I have made in the U.S. and begin working on my own business with them, applying what I have learned in the University to my work. Depending on how the economy transforms, I will decide which field I want my company to prosper in. Gradually, I hope that I will be able to alleviate Vietnamese economy's current situation and create more jobs for my people. It is my wish that with my contribution, the day when there are no children having to eat those 0.3‐cent‐meals will come sooner.