What factors have led you to consider Macalester College? Why do you believe it may be a good match, and what do you believe you can add to the Mac community, academically and personally? 

I have a strong interest in literature of different countries, because I believe that literature is the living memory of each nation. In high school I have made several attempts to convert literature into modern dramas, and I aspire to develop this interest into a career as a linguist who can translate Vietnamese literature, the hidden gems, into multiple languages and promote them to the global reader community.

Therefore, I painstakingly searched for an education that would prepare me well for my career goals. Macalester College has just what I need, for it is one of the few liberal arts colleges that offer a linguistics major with a collaborative approach. Since I believe that to fully understand  culture, we need to look into various aspects such as sociology, economics or even theatre, I am inspired by courses such as Sociolinguistics, Psychology of Language, and even Advertising and Propaganda.

Mac’s cozy linguistics studying environment also appeals to me. The idea of having lunch with linguistics professors, majors, minors, and guests in the reading room once a month excites me. Such regular interaction with accomplished figures in the field would help me mature faster in my chosen career path.  Also, the fact that Mac is an extremely diverse community means that I would have international exposure within the class-room and on campus, which would help sharpen my understanding of linguistics and cultures.

If I have a chance to be a part of Mac community, I will definitely found an International Drama club which would feature literature masterpieces from many countries. I believe literature is a mirror to reflect all the authenticity of a culture, so I want to transform literature works from different countries into vivid plays to deepen our understanding of culture. In high school, I founded and led a drama club and successfully converted some literature works into recognized plays, so I aspire to not only continue this effort in college but also expand its range to international, especially in the culturally diverse settings of Macalester College. Moreover, in such an open environment as Jessica Pham, Mac’s freshman,  said:” Mac always gives students freedom to flourish,”I believe the club would develop and add a new interesting element to the student activities, helping me leave a mark on the school’s community.