Think about a subject or topic that you love. It can be something you have studied in school or on your own, butsomething about which you have really enjoyed learning. What first intrigued you about this subject and what have you found to be most fascinating? In what ways have you shared what you have learned with others?

When I was a young boy, I didn't live with my parents. Instead of hearing my  mother's lullabies every night, I listened to my grandfather, a history teacher, telling me the story of The Romance of Three Kingdoms. He told me about a  period of time when China was in total chaos, when people suffered hunger and  flood, officials exploited citizens, kings fought and soldiers died for their country. Thus, my grandfather became my first history teacher. He showed me the whole Diamond of history.

History is a crude Diamond. It's unpolished yet ruggedly beautiful. It reflects all the aspects of human-beings: wars and peace, heroes and villains, developments and recessions, dignities and crimes. From the light of history, I learn from the lessons of the past, know who I am, where I am and strive for good. Whenever I did something wrong, history showed up and warned me the punishment.

At the same time, the Diamond contains an infinite darkness. That unknown vacuum contained all the questions, all the paradoxes, the hidden mysteries that are yet to be discovered. As I keep discovering, that curious darkness always trigger my inquisitiveness, urging me to ask questions. I wonder how Alexander the Great conquered the world, how the Roman Empire fell, how 200,000 men of Vietnam stood against the 500,000 men of mighty Mongolia.

The Diamond is immortal and unbreakable. It's forever the proof of the truth. What was recorded in history remains unchanged for billion years of the universe. Therefore, history became a reliable source of information. Whenever my debates with my friends reach a stalemate, history always turns out to have the decisive evidence.

Therefore, I nurtured in my soul a passion for history. It's not just the passion to learn and acquire facts. It's the passion to recreate the history and share the knowledge with others. As young people these days find education more interesting with vivid images and real-time experiences, I plan to develop a series of educational video games in which players would act as a country in a period of history, controlling its economy and diplomacy, and witnessing the birth of notables and the changes of times. By actively involving in historical events this way, people would develop an insightful perspective on all aspects of human-beings and experience history in the most realistic and comprehensive way. The plan takes time and effort to carry out, but I will try my best to realize my idea because I believe that the beauty of the Diamond should not be kept hidden inside a chest, but displayed for everyone's amazement.